Shannon was always so helpful to me through my newbie THM journey! I’m grateful for her willingness to help me learn the plan and apply the THM principals.
~~Jen C.


Way to go, Shannon. I think you’ll be great as a lifestyle coach. For those of you who don’t know Shannon, she is very dedicated, knowledgeable, loyal, and trustworthy. Shannon has a tremendous understanding of the THM lifestyle and the ability to explain this program in a plain, simple way to make it understandable to everyone. She will stay with you until you understand it as well. She is on the journey herself and has been where ever you are. I’m sure you can put your confidence in Shannon, to you help you on your journey.
~~Carole M.


Shannon was very helpful when I first started.
~~Jean M.


Congratulations Shannon on becoming a THM Coach. You already very knowledgeable with the plan. I’m certain whoever you help they will be so bless to have you as their coach.
~~Magaly W.


With Shannon being my mom, I know personally how good she is at telling people what to do! 😂Lol
But seriously, she’s great at this and has put in a lot of work to study this meal plan and is super knowledgeable about it.
She makes a great health coach! ❤️
~~Sarah H.