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Words of Encouragement Wednesday ~ The Journey

You may have noticed that I have changed the look of my blog just a bit lately. I’d like to take just a minute to tell you why.

I’ve spent the last couple of months reflecting on my first year as a Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach. It has been such a pleasure for me, and such a great learning opportunity as well.

I’ve been teaching people the THM plan for 6 years now. Last year, when I decided to take the leap and become a certified coach, I had this big broad vision in my mind. But lately I have been focusing in on the journey. I have always had it in mind (it is part of my business title after all) but it has been becoming more central in my mind.

And that is why I wanted the look of my site to reflect my focus. My daughter found the picture that you see in my header now and I thought it was a perfect pictoral description of my focus as a coach. This lifestyle is just that: a LIFESTYLE. It is not a diet. It is not a sprint to a goal. There is nothing fast and furious in this approach to health. It is a JOURNEY. And as you know, most journeys don’t take a straight path. The path meanders, it winds around, sometimes, it actually winds back around on itself and you feel like you are going backwards! But all these twists and turns are for a purpose. Each bit of struggle, each hill and valley, makes you stronger for the next portion of your journey. Each twist and turn has something for you to learn.

Take a good look at that path through the mountains you see in my header picture. Could you get through the valley faster if your path lead straight on? Sure; but you’d miss a whole lot along the way. Sometimes faster doesn’t equal better. We know that, we really do. We’ve heard of lottery winners who’ve had to declare bankruptcy just years later. We’ve heard of people who’ve lost lots of weight really quickly, only to put it back on with a little extra to boot. We know in our own lives we’ve gotten gifts we thought we wanted desparately only to discard and forget about them within a few months. But those things that we work for. The things that take time and discipline to acheive, those are the things we value and maintain over time.

Are you enjoying your journey? Are you learning from the twists and turns? Don’t despise the slower portions of your journey. Sometimes those curves that seem to slow us down are just preparing us for the next portion of our journey. Keep your focus on why you are doing what you do. You are choosing health and wholeness. You aren’t “dieting”, you are choosing health. You are not depriving yourself to reach a false goal quickly, you are nourishing yourself to gain health that will bless you for your entire lifetime. Don’t despise the journey, EMBRACE IT!

Have you ever considered getting a coach to help you on your journey but you aren’t sure what a coach could do for you? Contact me for a free consultation. I can explain to you how I would help you with no strings attached.

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Words of Encouragement Wednesday ~ Water

We know we need it. We know it is good for us. But for some reason it is such a discipline to get it done!

We need to drink more water! (I’m preaching to myself here!) I know I feel better when I drink water all day long, I know it’s good for me and yet still I struggle!

Today the Butterfly Institute posted this little gem and I wanted to share it with you:

Tip of the day: Drink 16oz of water right after you wake up. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and may even make you eat less.

That’s some great info! And it gives me an action plan! I always get up and have a cup of coffee straight off. Well now I’m going to make my cup of coffee my reward for my 16oz of water! And hopefully that first glass of water will set up my “thirst” for water the rest of the day.

What are your water drinking tips? Also, if you haven’t heard of the Butterfly Institute you should go and check them out!

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Motivation, Words of Encouragement Wednesday

Words of Encouragement Wednesday ~ Go On Auto-Pilot

You really need to listen to today’s podcast! So much truth! Have you let your “food freedom” take over so much that you’ve gone completely off of you plan? Click here to listen to the podcast today to learn how to let “auto-pilot” take over on a regular basis to help keep you on track! You can always find a link to the podcast at the bottom of the page on my blog.

Motivation, Words of Encouragement Wednesday

Words of Encouragement Wednesday

Today I just want you to think about this. Food amazing. We get lots of enjoyment from it. But food serves a purpose as well. It is our fuel. It keeps us going and it either keeps us healthy or damages our health.

Think about that! You can sustain life with just about anything. It just takes a certain amount of calories to keep you “living”. But the things you choose to fuel yourself with can do more than just keep you alive. They can cause you to thrive! They can fight disease. They can heal systems that have been damaged! Our bodies are designed by God to heal and we have nutritious food at our fingertips to make that process go even better.

But often we choose foods that don’t do anything for us but keep the motor running. And in the process of putting those calories in, we also do damage to our bodies. We cause our system to not work efficiently. We feed disease. Suddenly that “fuel” that is keeping us alive is draining us of the ability to live well!

As you choose your food think about this. Choose items that will give you both pleasure AND health. It can be done! I’d love to show you how.

Words of Encouragement Wednesday

Words of Encouragement Wednesday ~ Desires


That may seem like a simple sentence. Your first response may have been, “Well, duh!” (Said of course with the perfect, adolecent-style eye-roll). But stop and think about it for a minute. Are you saying with your words that you want to change, while consistently sabotaging your progress with your actions?

Just knowing how to improve your health will not improve your health. Just saying you want to improve your health will not improve your health. In fact, just wanting to improve your health will not improve your health. You have to want it bad enough to do something about it. You have to want it bad enough to change your daily choices. And no one else can do it for you.

You could hire a coach, learn all you need to know, get constant daily encouragement on what to do, talk all day long about how badly you’d like to change your lifestyle; but if you don’t want it bad enough to actually make the changes, it won’t do you any good. You must want health more than you want your favorite “bad for you” food.

These “words of encouragement” might seem harsh, but they are vital to your success. If you consistently learn the right thing to do, if you fill your mind with all the right information, yet you continue to make choices that are in direct contradiction to that you are actually making the likelyhood of any change less and less probable. By doing that you are actually making yourself more comfortable living with the contradiction and you will end up just feeling defeated.

So I encourage you, don’t just keep filling your mind with all the right information, put some of that information into practice. You have to want the change more than you want to stay the same, and you won’t want the change until you start making the changes. I’d love to help you on your journey. If you feel like having a coach to keep you accountable would help keep you on track let me know!

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