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Testimony Time!

Have you ever wondered if THM really works for real people? Here is a testimony from my client Sarah!

July 18, 2018- I made the decision to become healthier. I was 7 months postpartum and completely miserable. I wanted to get rid of the extra weight and find my usual energy again. I started cutting back on eating out and just tried to make better food choices. I was able to lose a couple pounds on my own.

A few weeks later Shannon Sikes reached out to me and let me know she was going to be a THM Coach and asked if I was interested. I of course said yes! After our initial coaching session I jumped into the THM plan and haven’t looked back.

My first on plan day was August 18, 2018.

While I haven’t been 100% every single day, I’ve never completely fallen off plan. I do make a few planned splurges on occasion. I am almost 5 months on plan now and I feel so much better! My energy is back and my body feels healthier. I’ve recently started taking Feminine Balance and I’ve noticed it helps me emotionally! THM is absolutely life changing and it especially helps when you have a good coach backing you along the way!

I honestly would have quit long ago, despite the weight loss, if I was not able to ask her questions about the plan. While I feel more comfortable now deciding what to eat / not having to worry if I am eating on plan or not, I’m still learning. It’s so nice to be able to ask for help, and vent when things aren’t happening as fast as I would like. And having the accountability definitely helps me stay on track!

6 months ago I was the heaviest I have ever been…Today I can say that I have lost 40 pounds and they are never coming back!

Thank you Pearl and Serene for coming up with such a doable plan, and thank you Shannon Sikes (My Healthy Journey For Life) for letting me pester you with THM questions on a weekly basis. 😂❤️

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It’s The “Down 20lbs” Celebration!

It is important to celebrate milestones, big and small. I have decided to celebrate every 10 pounds, so today is a day to celebrate!


Like last time, I am trying to keep these pictures real. The original picture is one that a friend took and I am trying to get as close to that pic as possible to show a true difference, thus the no makeup, ponytail, same pose picture. I don’t want to show a false result by taking the best pic possible at the best angle possible.

Now I am going to get really real with you and show you some full body shots. EEEEK!! I am not fond of full body shots, there is no way to hide! But my friend also happened to get some candid shots of me that just happened to be nearly perfect for front and side view shots, SOOOOO, here we go, let’s get real.

Now, the angles are slightly different (it’s really harder than it looks to replicate a picture!) but it is close enough to tell. I have a ways to go to my goal, but 20 pounds has definitely lessened my “width” in both directions. By the way, the shorts are diffrent colors but they are the exact same size/brand.

My first 10 pounds came off very quickly (for me) only taking three weeks. My second 10 pounds (as expected) took longer, 2 1/2 months to be exact. For the last three weeks I was within a pound of my goal, bouncing up and down within a pound. It was maddening! However, one day the scale just decided to let go! Don’t give up, sometimes our body needs a break from losing but it will keep healing and reforming.

And even with a 3 week stretch of no weight loss, I am still averaging 1.3 pounds per week. That is good steady weight loss. Don’t get frustrated with the “mini-stalls”. They aren’t really stalls at all, just a natural ebb and flow. Look at your over-all success. The big picture is always more fulfilling!

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THM Testimony

I have been coaching my client Sarah for a little over a month now and I asked her to write up her thoughts and she was gracious enough to do so. I chose the graphic above because it fits Sarah’s journey to a “T”. THM was completely new to her. She didn’t have any special ingredients or equipment, just a desire to start. So she asked me for help. We made a plan and she jumped in with both feet. I love her testimony so far.

Why I Love THM, A Month Review

(They really mean food freedom!)

1. The food freedom is real! In my experience (and what I’ve seen from other people’s experiences) You will get told to “eat MORE” far more often than you will get told to “eat less” (if that even happens!) THM is all about keeping that metabolism up and the weight down!
2. You get to eat truly delicious things like brownies, ice-cream, a various flavors of shakes, and chocolate milk on a REGULAR BASIS. And it HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT.
3. While it may take you a while to fully comprehend what makes a S, E, XO, FP snack or meal, they are actually quite simple. And once you get it down, having four basic choices to chose from all the time is really refreshing and makes each day unique.
4. As someone who doesn’t understand how people can “fill up” and satisfy their hunger for hours on end, being told to eat every 2 &1/2-4 hours is so nice. Eating in small amounts often is way better for your body, and (if you’re like me) more enjoyable too!
5. THM just WORKS. I feel healthier, look healthier, and I’m losing weight. (Now THM doesn’t claim to be fast like those other trending diets. You’re not going to lose 10 pounds in a day, it is not even healthy to do so). While I may eat heavier certain days, or my body just might retain water at certain times, causing the scale to go up, I am actively getting closer to my goal and I lost 10 pounds in just under a month of being on THM.
6. It may be hard to start. Saying no to fatty carbs and sugars is tough. But so is being unhealthy and dealing with everything that comes along with that. Having a THM Coach or supportive friends and family helps so much. Having someone to keep you accountable will make you reach your goals. Like everyone else I have bad days, and a pint of sugary ice-cream seems like it would just make the day so much better, but with a THM Coach holding you accountable and staying on plan for a month, you realize that you’re not missing that much actually. On plan desserts are so good and good for your weight that you don’t feel bad when your friends and family around you are eating food that is yummy right now, but in the long term is going to be bad for their bodies and overall health. You can eat that bowl of on plan brownies and ice-cream with no guilt whatsoever. 😊

-Not directly THM related-
Having a coach is so important! You really need someone who knows the plan to help you along your journey. Someone that you can talk to when you feel the need to cheat/splurge. Or if you’re needing help remembering what makes up an E meal, or if this bag of popcorn you found is on plan or not. Having support is so helpful and necessary!

Sarah H.

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Priviledged to Serve

I first began my Trim Healthy Mama journey 5 years ago! It’s been my pleasure to help people in their Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle journey since February of 2014. If you are needing help in your journey and would like a coach to help you along the way contact me.
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Blessed Routine

There is something cathartic about just getting back to the “everyday”. The past couple weeks have been busy and completely out of routine! I had a “preparation week” which involved a double work load to get ahead for a vacation week so everything extra had to be put on hold for a bit. But you know what didn’t go on hold? My commitment to be faithful to eating the Trim Healthy Mama way!

The past two weeks were the kind that would have derailed me in the past. They weren’t bad weeks, just busy, and I could have fooled myself into thinking that it would be easier just to hit the drive through. But I knew better, so I didn’t. I also could have gone on vacation with the mindset that “Hey, it’s vacation, indulge!” But I knew better, so I didn’t. Now that’s not to say I didn’t treat myself a bit. But I planned it and I didn’t stay in indulge mode all day every day. Here are my tips for those times when routine just isn’t on the menu! This is how I made the past two weeks work for me so that I wouldn’t have to spend the next couple weeks working to make up for them.

  1. Preparation is key!
    I feel like I have said that a lot, but the truth is, it’s the truth! You can’t just expect things to happen if you don’t prepare for them. I knew vacation was coming and I knew the week before it was going to be a doozy, so I planned accordingly. I made sure that I had easy, grab and go options ready for myself during prep week. There were no complicated meals that week. I kept it simple so the stress was low while I made more preparation for the vacation week to come. I made take along snacks for our 14 hour drive and I planned the menu for the next week. We were a group of 11 traveling and we were eating all our evening meals together and eating almost all of our meals in our condo. Only two of us were “on plan” but we all ate the same meals all week long so that kept things easier. I also made up “dry mixes”. For every THM thing I planned to bake I made up the dry mixes for the recipe, put them in a ziploc bag and wrote the “wet ingredients” on the bag. This way I was prepared with ingredients that I wouldn’t be able to find easily in a store but I also didn’t have to bring my big containers of special ingredients.
  2. Easy menu!
    I already said that I made my meals during preparation week easy to do, but I also planned easy, crowd pleasing meals for the week of vacation. My family of 3 had either THM pancakes or eggs and bacon (or a crossover combo of those two) everyday of vacay. Lunch was sandwiches on sprouted bread or FP rolls with veggies and fruit. These choices meant that every day I got at least one or two e-meals in! Dinners, where all 11 of us ate together were easy, crowd pleasing meals. Dreamfields lasagana, Chicken with rice and veggies, Taco bar night (I even made masa wonder wraps for the two of us on plan) and grill night where we had burgers and hot dogs. There was always lots of salad available too! The last night we finished off our left overs. Here are some pictures of what my meals looked like:
  3. Don’t forget the treats!
    It’s vacation, everyone wants brownies and icecream, you don’t want to be left out. So don’t be! There was no way I could indulge in off plan treats every day of vacation and not get way off track, so I went prepared with a delicious treat every day. While I made regular brownies and icecream for everyone else, I also made Transformer Fudge Brownies (page 403 in Trim Healthy Table, OH MY GOODNESS those are DELICIOUS!) and Brianna’s Scoopable Vanilla Icecream for the two of us on plan. I also made the Basic Cheesecake (Page 373 in the original THM Book) which everybody likes whether they are on plan or not. We never felt deprived when everyone was having dessert!
  4. Use helpful shortcuts!
    Walmart grocery pickup is my new best friend! I use it all the time at home but this was the first time I have ever used it on vacation and it was a lifesaver. We drove 14 hours to Myrtle Beach, SC. No one wanted to walk around an unfamiliar store after that drive to pick up groceries for a week where we were bound to forget things or impulse buy. So, a few days before we left we planned a grocery pickup for the evening of our arrival. All three of the families were able to pickup our groceries at one time and we never had to make another trip to the store!
  5. If you want to have an off plan treat, plan it and enjoy it. Make it a purposeful celebratory occasion, but not an excuse to go crazy and derail yourself. On vacation I treated myself 3 times. The first night (after that 14 hour drive) nobody was going to feel like cooking so we planned to eat out. We chose a “must visit” comfort food buffet. The way I described that should tell you that the meal was not going to be perfectly on plan. But even at this “southern comfort food” buffet I found ways to stay mainly on plan and still indulge a bit. I got a plate full of veggies (green beans, tomatoes and okra, collard greens and I had a salad) and I added some non breaded meat (they had pulled pork). After I found myself no longer starving I allowed myself a very small sample of chicken and dumplings, one spoonful of sweet potato casserole, and the best piece of fried fish I have ever had. All of those “treats” were small, but they were satisfying because I took the time to satisfy my hunger before I ate them so all I was having was a “treat” and not a big off plan meal. In the middle of the week everyone wanted to go out for ice cream at a highly rated ice cream shop so I had one scoop of ice cream without any guilt because I knew that I was making good choices the rest of the week. On the way home we stopped at a Pizza place that was a part of my childhood. Again, it was a planned stop. My first plate was a huge salad and pizza toppings. Then I ate 3 small slices of thin crust pizza. That’s it. I was happy, I felt indulged, but I was in control because I planned it. All three of those occasions were on purpose. I wasn’t swept up in a moment of indulgence, and believe it or not that makes all the difference.

So, how did all of that pay off? Well, today I got on the scale and found that I am down another pound. That’s 14 pounds in the last 7 1/2 weeks! So was all that prep worth it? You bet! And it really wasn’t that hard. I had plenty of time to rest and relax, play on the beach, swim in the pool and just enjoy my friends and family because I was prepared. So don’t think of your preparation as work, think of it as insurance. You are insuring both your success and your time to relax when you are in the moment.