Today’s Podcast is Worth the Listen!

My dear friend Magaly Weaver is the special guest on today’s podcast! Not only do you want to listen just because she is a joy to listen to, but she really brings it when it comes to tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle if you have a full time job or are constantly on the go! Click on the link in the picture to listen!


Grocery Shopping Podcast

Today’s podcast is a great one. It has some really practical tips on what to stock up on at the grocery store. There are also some great insights on how to loosen up in your thinking a bit. Give it a listen by clicking on the picture below.

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Friday Fuel, Podcast

Friday Fuel ~ The Heart of the Plan

I had intended to go into S meals this week, but the podcast was so fantastic this week I wanted to focus on it’s message this time instead. Please, if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, take the time to do so! If you are new to the plan you need to know this stuff, and if you’ve been around a while you need to hear it again! I will share with you Pearl’s own words about this podcast:

Serene and I know you love it when we bring real meat to the Poddy for you to chew on. Today we answer a listener question and dig deep into the numbers of THM… do you really need them? The answer depends upon who you are! This poddy will be a huge help to you if you’re busy counting carb grams and fat grams or if you’re not… it will help you too!

I think there was only 1 major rabbit trail in this Podcast… can we get a round of applause for that? I mean… we really reigned ourselves in to stay on topic!!!!

So, without further ado…click on the picture to listen to the podcast!


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Podcast, THM

Vitamin C, are you getting enough?

Today on the Poddy Pearl and Serene talk about the importance of vitamin C and the best ways to get it. Give it a listen at this LINK.

PS – you can always find a link to the poddy at the bottom of my site! 🙂

Motivation, Podcast

Uh-oh! It’s dinner time!

You know that feeling… The one where it’s about 30 minutes till dinner time and you haven’t given dinner time a single thought. I hate that time. It often ends in drive thru burgers or pizza… 😵

Well if this ever happens to you then last week’s podcast is worth the listen! Pearl and Serene let you in on 10 of their uh-oh meals. All with no special ingredients and ready in less that 30 minutes.

You can listen HERE.