Motivation, Words of Encouragement Wednesday

Words of Encouragement Wednesday


When you get caught in the trap of looking for the end result you end up getting frustrated that you are not there yet. Frustration often leads to quitting and getting set further back. This is a vicious cycle to get into that can leave you stuck.

You need to change your focus. Stop looking for a certain number on the scale, stop looking for a certain size on your clothing tags. Instead look for healthy things you can do every day. Focus on feeding your body the good foods it needs, focus on healthy habits, focus on doing what you need to do each day. Before you know it the results you desire will occur.

Do you have your Thanksgiving Menu planned yet? If not go check out My Thanksgiving Picks to find 20 recipes all in one place!

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It’s The “Down 20lbs” Celebration!

It is important to celebrate milestones, big and small. I have decided to celebrate every 10 pounds, so today is a day to celebrate!


Like last time, I am trying to keep these pictures real. The original picture is one that a friend took and I am trying to get as close to that pic as possible to show a true difference, thus the no makeup, ponytail, same pose picture. I don’t want to show a false result by taking the best pic possible at the best angle possible.

Now I am going to get really real with you and show you some full body shots. EEEEK!! I am not fond of full body shots, there is no way to hide! But my friend also happened to get some candid shots of me that just happened to be nearly perfect for front and side view shots, SOOOOO, here we go, let’s get real.

Now, the angles are slightly different (it’s really harder than it looks to replicate a picture!) but it is close enough to tell. I have a ways to go to my goal, but 20 pounds has definitely lessened my “width” in both directions. By the way, the shorts are diffrent colors but they are the exact same size/brand.

My first 10 pounds came off very quickly (for me) only taking three weeks. My second 10 pounds (as expected) took longer, 2 1/2 months to be exact. For the last three weeks I was within a pound of my goal, bouncing up and down within a pound. It was maddening! However, one day the scale just decided to let go! Don’t give up, sometimes our body needs a break from losing but it will keep healing and reforming.

And even with a 3 week stretch of no weight loss, I am still averaging 1.3 pounds per week. That is good steady weight loss. Don’t get frustrated with the “mini-stalls”. They aren’t really stalls at all, just a natural ebb and flow. Look at your over-all success. The big picture is always more fulfilling!

Motivation, Words of Encouragement Wednesday

Words of Encouragement Wednesday


Please don’t forget, nothing worth doing is easy, at least not at first. Everything you have ever had to learn was hard before you learned it. We’ve forgotten how many times we fell when we were learning how to walk, but watch a toddler who is just starting out and you will see that it is WORK! We were made to walk but we still have to work those muscles and learn how to do it.

At some point in life you learned how to read or you wouldn’t be getting much out of this article at this point. There was a time in your life, however, where this page would have been nothing more than gibberish with a pretty picture to you; but you put in the work to learn how to read. In the beginning sounding out the word c-a-t was hard, now you do it without thinking.

Think of all of the things you do in life that now take you no effort whatsoever. At one point all of those things took time and effort to learn. Why should having a healthy lifestyle be any different? You can’t expect to just wake up one morning after a lifetime of making unhealthy choices and suddenly think healthy choices are going to come easily. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn a new skill. You’re going to have to rethink your choices and it will take some time to figure out what changes you need to make. But none of those things are impossible, and all of them are worth it. Before you know it you will be making healthy choices without having to conciously think about it at all.

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Words of Encouragement Wednesday

I wanted to add one more weekly feature to the blog and decided on this: Words of Encouragement Wednseday. It’s half way through the week and all of us can use a little pick me up! Therefore, each Wednsday I will try to have a motivational post to give your week a little boost.

This week I am totally just going to point you to the podcast! You need encouragement, not only this week but for making it through what Pearl dubbed in this podcast as “the eating season”. Is is possible to get through this eating season without guilt and weight gain? You bet it is! I hope you will find as much encouragement in this weeks show as I did! Click the picture below to listen!


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Friday Fuel ~ Carbs Are Not The Enemy

Another new weekly post for you: Friday Fuel

In Friday Fuel, each week I will focus in on one of the Trim Healthy Mama fuel types, discussing its importance, when you should choose to eat it, different recipes in that fuel type, etc.

I am going to start with the E fuel type since it was requested. E (for energizing) fuel is made up of carbohydrates. I know, I know, there is much fear surrounding the eating of carbohydrates, but really, carbs are not the enemy. The problem with carbs only occurs when we eat the wrong kind or too many. Our standard American diet is full of highly processed, refined carbohydrates that go straight into our blood stream as sugar and cause all kinds of havoc in our bodies, including heart disease.

But carbohydrates, as God created them, are needed by our body! We cannot cast off this whole food group just because we have been eating it wrong. So let’s start our Friday Fuel series by learning why carbs are so important to our bodies.

brain carbs

It is trendy these days to forgo carbohydrates in our diets. We are told they are bad, the enemy, the number one way to gain weight. Well, if you are talking about the standard American diet full of refined sugar and refined white flour then you are absolutely right! But, not all carbs are created equal…

We were designed by our Creator to burn both fats and carbs. Eliminate one completely from your diet and your body misses it and suffers! We crave carbs simply because we were meant to eat them!

The wise thing to do is eat healthy carbs such as whole fruit, beans and legumes, grains in their unprocessed form and sweet potatoes. These healthy foods are far more gentle on your blood sugar than refined carbs and can rev your metabolism by supporting your thyroid and adrenal glands and give you the energy you need to function in this crazy world.

Please check out THIS STUDY to see exactly how important good carbohydrates are to positive brain function.

Don’t throw an entire God-given fuel out the window! Learn how to incorporate good carbs in a way that will keep your blood sugar steady and your brain healthy! I’d love to teach you how!

We’ll talk more about E meals next week, but for now, here are some of my favorite E snacks:

  • Apple with 1/4 cup Peanut Junkie Butter (THM cookbook p. 481) or sweetened, plain Greek yogurt with peanut flour stirred in
  • Light Rye Wasa crackers spread with light laughing cow cheese
  • 0% Greek yogurt or low fat cottage cheese and peaches
  • Whey protein or cottage cheese shake made with any E fruit
  • E muffins like chocolate cherry muffins (Trim Healthy Table p. 367)

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