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Sometimes you just need to get back into a routine. I mean, we all LOVE the freedom and excitement of summer vacation, but there is something really special about getting back into a rhythm with life as well. The structure of the day to day makes being on top of things so much easier! This is true for our health journeys as well! When we have a “normal” day to day schedule, it is so much easier to plan to eat well and take care of our bodies.

Online Accountability Group

I am hosting a Two-month, online, accountability group beginning September 1st! This will be two solid months of group coaching, accountability challenges and lots of fun and prizes! All of the information for this event can be found in the flyer below! You can register for this event by clicking on the picture below. Cost for this coaching group is $110. Group size is limited so register early! **BONUS** If you and a friend join this group together you will EACH receive a $10 refund on your registration price!

Two-month online group coaching accountability group!
Click on the picture to register!

If you have any questions please leave a comment
below or send me a message HERE.

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I hope you will join my July accountability group. We will meet daily for the month of July in a private Facebook group to encourage each other. You can register to be a part of the group through this link. Once you have registered I will add you to the group! Challenge begins Monday, July 1st and goes through Wednesday, July 31st. My previous clients contact me to get a $5 discount!

Shine~On Summer Group

July Accountability Group


Event, THM

Spring Challenge Group

Do you realize that it is only 12 weeks to Memorial Day?!?! Are you ready for summer? I want to help you get there. I am going to host an 8-week Get Ready For Summer Challenge! I am including all of the details in this post. You can register and pay right from this page! I hope you will join me. I just wrapped up my New Year Challenge and we had a great time and great results. Our small group of 5 lost over 27 pounds and over 35 inches! The accountability helps!

You will get daily encouragements from me along with extra challenges, quizzes and information. Enough to keep you engaged and motivated to keep on keeping on! You pay and register right through this page! Here are the details:

Spring starts this month that means Summer is right around the corner! How are you doing keeping yourself on track with your health journey? Do you need some extra
encouragement and accountability? I am hosting an 8-week accountability Challenge to help you stay on track. This is for those who want to follow or are already following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating. Having a general understanding of the plan is a plus to joining this challenge, but newcomers are welcome too. This group has a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 20. Men, women and teenagers are welcome. (Must be at least 13 to participate and have waiver signed by a parent if under the age of 18.) The cost is $160 per person.

See what is included below

Fine Print:
You will need to pay  in advance for this course. Any cancellations must be made by  March 24th for a refund. Cancellations will not be refunded after March 24th. Once the challenge ends you will be removed from the private client group. This challenge includes  over $50 worth of prizes (possibly more) plus $150 worth of coaching access to keep you motivated throughout the challenge.

To participate in the Non-Scale Victory, Scale Victory challenges you must provide the following:
Picture of Bust, Waist and Hip measurements on 4/1/19 and 5/27/19 (NSV)
Picture of your weight on scale with date printed beside it on 4/1/19 and 5/27/19 (SV)

Please make a note of the following information:

A minimum of  a 3-month membership to the THM website is required for and included in the price of this challenge.  If you are already a member  $15 of your registration fee will be refunded to you after I verify your registration. If you are not already a member you will receive a $10 off coupon from me and you can use it toward your 3 month (or any length) membership.  You will then be refunded $15 of your registration once I confirm your membership.

· 3-month THM website membership! (Free with $10 coupon and  $15 registration refund)

· A week of free coaching access if you sign up early! You will be added to the FB Challenge page on March 25th when you register early. Registering between March 25th, 2019 and the start date will gain you immediate access to the group.

· Private Facebook group for the duration of the challenge.

· Individual assessment. This will help me to prepare and give you personalized help.

· Unlimited coaching in the support group.

· Access to your coach via messenger, Mondays –Saturdays, 9am—7pm

· Free Sample 1-week Stubborn Loser Menu (We will do a 1 week SLM during the course for those who wish to participate.

· We will do a  “mini” fuel cycle during the challenge for those who wish to participate.

· Non-Scale Victory Competition for the one to lose the highest percentage of inches!
$10 THM Gift Certificate

· Scale Victory Competition for the one who drops the highest percentage of weight!
$10 THM Gift certificate

· Chocolate Drawing will take place April 29th. Prize is 10 Butterfly Bars (milk and dark) and a bag of THM Chocolate Chips

· Weekly practice of fuels: Light S, Deep S, E, and FP days will be used.

· Exercise Challenges

· Blank weekly menu printouts for food journaling.

· Additional Prizes will be added based on group size. Prizes will be added  when the group reaches 10, 15 and 20 members.

You can pay via Google Pay, Facebook Messenger Pay or with the button below via Paypal.

(Please contact me to use Google Pay or Facebook Messenger Pay)

Get Ready For Summer Challenge

8 Week Accountability Group


If we do not reach the minimum number of 5 participants by March 25th the challenge will be cancelled and any paid registrations will be refunded.

Event, THM

THM Meet and Greet with Coach Shannon ~ Appetizers

This is an in-person free class at the
High Ridge Public Library!

Join me for a time of food, fun and fellowship! We will get to know other local THM’ers, enjoy some great food, test our THM knowledge and have a lot of fun. Please bring a THM appetizer or snack food to share. (S or FP fuels please.)

Please RSVP through THIS EVENT PAGE on Facebook.

Have you ever considered getting a coach to help you on your journey but you aren’t sure what a coach could do for you? Contact me for a free consultation. I can explain to you how I would help you with no strings attached.

Event, Giveaway

Trim Healthy Table Giveaway!! (x3)

Congratulations to Sherrill, Faith and Susie! You are the winners of the Giveaway! Please check your e-mail for your prize!

Due to the fact that I have recently surpassed 300 followers on my Instagram account (Woo-Hoo!) I have decided to host a giveaway! I will be giving away 3 copies of the Kindle Edition of the Trim Healthy Table cookbook! Just click on the entry box below to enter. You can earn 1 to 8 entries! Following my blog is the only “required” entry, the rest just increase your chances! Winners will be announced on Saturday!

By the way, you do not have to have a kindle to be able to use the kindle version. It is viewable on any device or computer with a free Kindle app.


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