Thanksgiving Picks ~ 2019


It is 10 days until Thanksgiving!! Do you have your menu ready? Whether you are hosting and providing all the food or you are just bringing a dish or two to a family or friend celebration I have a list that is sure to give you plenty of options! Some of these items are the same as last year’s picks and some new ones have been added. I think you will enjoy them all!!

The first thing on my menu is the turkey of course. I started using a “spatchcock” method for cooking my turkey lately and I highly recommend it! It cooks so much more quickly and evenly. Check out how to Spatchcock a Turkey and get a bonus gravy recipe HERE.


Of course you can’t have a Thanksgiving feast with just meat! You are going to need some comforting side dishes as well. Using any of these options will add joy to your meal as well as adding health! You don’t need to skimp on comfort foods when you do them right. Here are my picks for the best things to enjoy alongside the bird with zero guilt or regret:

Another Stuffing (S)
Mashed Cauliflower (S or FP)
Rolls (S)

You’ve cleaned your plate and even eaten a good amount of vegetables! Good for you! Now you are going to want to indulge in a special dessert! Even those who are not following THM are going to love these options! I suggest the following:

Pecan Pie (S)

Holidays usually mean special drinks as well. Some people like hot drinks and some prefer cold. Here are my favorites for both hot and cold drinks. Some, like the cranberry wassail, can be served either way!

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