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The most wonderful time of the year is often the most stressful when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You are going to be running a lot more with holiday events and responsibilities. There will be unhealthy temptations at every gathering. Heavy, rich, foods are what entire events will be planned around. What are you going to do in the face of this temptaion? Do you have a plan to make it through the holidays with victory? Did you know that you can start the new year with a head start even through the holiday season? I want to help you do it!

Registration is now open for my final group coaching session of the year and you are not going to want to miss it!! I am so excited about this group! I think it is my favorite set up so far!

We are going go encourage each other to finish this year STRONG and be in control of the holiday season instead of letting it overtake and overwhelm us! But don’t get the idea that this is going to be some kind of crazy bootcamp. That is not my style! I am going to encourage and empower you to success with tips and tricks as well as lots of yummy recipes. I will also show you how to treat your way through this season without undoing all of the progress you’ve made so far! When January 1st hits, you won’t need a resolution, you will just keep on keeping on! 🙂

In addition to my normal line-up of features for an extended accountability group we are going to go over the following holiday features:

  • Recipe Makeover (you give me your favorite holiday recipe and I make it THM friendly for you)
  • Holiday Meal, Drink and Dessert recipes each week
  • Travelling on Plan
  • Gift ideas
  • Gratitude
  • And much, much more!

There will also be prizes (because challenges are more fun that way!) We will have two different challenges running through the course of the group and at least one random giveaway drawing. Another random drawing will be added for every 10 people that sign up for this group making a possibility of 5 random prize drawings throughout the course.

Registration closes October 31st and the challenge starts November 3rd. Members will be added to the group on November 2nd to get a chance to look around before the challenge starts.

The cost for this group is $115 per person. As always, previous clients get a 10% loyalty discount on all my coaching services. ALSO: if you sign up with a friend you will both get a $10 refund on you class price! (Refund given after both registrations are finalized and payment has been received.) Please share this opportunity with as many people as you can. These classes are so much more fun when there is lots of participation!

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Like I said, this is my last group of the year. I am not taking on any more individual or group coaching clients after this until after the first of the year to spend some time just enjoying my family. I have loved the time I have gotten to spend with each and every client over the past year! It has been a blessing to me to be able to help encourage others on their journey as I walk my own.

If you have any questions about this event please don’t hesitate to ask!

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