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Sometimes you just need to get back into a routine. I mean, we all LOVE the freedom and excitement of summer vacation, but there is something really special about getting back into a rhythm with life as well. The structure of the day to day makes being on top of things so much easier! This is true for our health journeys as well! When we have a “normal” day to day schedule, it is so much easier to plan to eat well and take care of our bodies.

Online Accountability Group

I am hosting a Two-month, online, accountability group beginning September 1st! This will be two solid months of group coaching, accountability challenges and lots of fun and prizes! All of the information for this event can be found in the flyer below! You can register for this event by clicking on the picture below. Cost for this coaching group is $110. Group size is limited so register early! **BONUS** If you and a friend join this group together you will EACH receive a $10 refund on your registration price!

Two-month online group coaching accountability group!
Click on the picture to register!

If you have any questions please leave a comment
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