You Seriously Need This Chicken Salad!


Sometimes, I am so blown away by a food that I just need to share it! This is one of those times. One of my favorite foods is chicken salad. Specifically the kind they serve at Bob Evan’s that has pecans and grapes in it, then they serve it surrounded by other fruits, you know that one? Well it is delicious and I love it. It is a fat/carb collision though so I have not had it in a long time…until today.

A little while back I saw Sarah Criddle’s recipe for Blueberry Walnut Chicken Salad and thought it might be the answer to my need for a good chicken salad. I bought fresh blueberries to make it and then forgot about it for a while.

Thanks to Sarah Criddle for letting me share your picture and recipe! Click on the picture to go straight to the Blueberry Walnut Chicken Salad recipe.

Last night I happened to see a picture of it again and I ran to my kitchen to see if my blueberries were still salvageable. Thankfully they were! I didn’t have celery or walnuts like the recipe called for but I did have pecans and everything else so I whipped it up in about 5 minutes and stuck it in the fridge to take for my lunch today.

Guys, I dreamed about my upcoming lunch. I could not wait for it to be time to eat it. Let me tell you, it did not let me down. This chicken salad is so good and the crunch from the nuts and the sweetness from the blueberries combine to make perfection. I have never enjoyed lunch at my desk so much before! I ate mine in a low-carb wrap with some large lettuce leaves. It is also great straight out of the bowl with a spoon!

For real! Go make this now! You will not regret it! Click on the original picture above to view the recipe!

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  1. Sounds deliciously mouth watering. I haven’t had chicken salad in years. I MUST try. Thank you for sharing.

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