Independence Day Round Up!


4 Recipes for the 4th of July!

Are you ready for the Independence Day picnics next week? Everyone will be firing up their grills and summer will be officially underway! Do you know what to have along side your main course? I want to give you four options to put alongside those burgers and brats! These options will keep you satisfied. There will be no room for feeling left out with these items on your plate! Click on the pictures to go to the recipes.

Broccoli Salad (S)

You need a cool creamy salad for sure and this one is the bomb! Everyone at your gathering will love this salad.

Amazing Baked Beans (E)

Yes, if you add this to your meal it will make for a crossover but this is a special day, and baked beans just scream summer cookout! Enjoy this sweet recipe with no sugary guilt.

Cherry Limeade GGMS (FP)

This recipe is actually for a concentrate. The concentrate will make 2 gallons of GGMS so you’ll have enough for everyone to share. This flavor is so refreshing you will keep going back for more!

Vanilla Pound-cake Strawberry Shortcake (S)

This cake recipe has been by far, the most popular on my blog! It makes a fantastic base for strawberry shortcake! You can use plain fresh berries or let your berries sit in a bit of sweetener for a few hours to make a nice strawberry sauce to go with them. Make some whipped cream and you have a dessert that is out of this world!

I hope you enjoy these recipes at your 4th of July celebration. I also want you to know about the accountability group I have coming up in July. I hope you will join me for my Shine~On Summer Group!

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  1. I’m so glad you posted these. I was just going to look for the pound cake recipe. I think I’ll use the others as well.

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