You Are MORE Than A Number

How does the image above make you feel?

Does it make you happy? Sad? Slightly panicky? Angry? We have an unhealthy obsession with this little machine in the US. We have been sold the story that the number it tells us should define us. But you know what? This little machine does not tell the truth! At least, it does not tell us the whole truth!

This morning I got an e-mail from a client. She had not weighed for the entire month of May. She rocked her eating plan, leaving behind sugar and heavily processed foods and nourishing her body with healthy foods. She told me throughout the month how much better she was feeling. She was experiencing greater energy, less achiness and joint pain, and her clothes were getting looser! When she got on the scale this morning the it told her she had gained 3 pounds. Needless to say, she was frustrated!

I reminded her of all the progress she had made in the past month and told her not to let it get her down. 15 minutes later I got another e-mail. She had measured and found that she had lost 3 inches in her waist and 1 inch in her hips! Regardless of what the scale told her, she is shrinking!

I went an entire year once without losing a single pound. I ate right, seriously no cheating, for a whole year and didn’t lose a pound. In fact, at the end of that year I weighed 5 pounds more than I did when I started. So what kept me going when the scale wasn’t cooperating? Because the scale wasn’t telling me the whole story. My body was shrinking. I lost a few sizes in that year and my energy went up. My skin, hair and nails improved and my overall health improved.

So please, please, whatever you do, don’t base your sense of accomplishment on the scale! It does not tell the whole story. Take pictures (be sure they are easy to replicate along the way). Take measurements. Keep track of all the ways you are experiencing victories on your healthy journey. You are so much more than a number! Don’t let that number define you!