I Am Not On A Diet


I am not on a diet. I get asked often if I am, but I am not.

Diets are temporary. Diets are restrictive. Diets make you feel like you are missing out. Diets leave out whole food groups. Diets do something to you mentally, making you want to run out and eat every single thing you see. None of those things are true of the way I eat.

I have made choices when it comes to food. I have chosen to eat foods that are nourishing to my body and my mind. I have chosen to not neglect any food group that God created and called good. I have chosen to learn how to eat those foods in ways that are helping me lose weight. I have chosen to learn how to eat those foods in ways that give me the most benefit.

I have also chosen to enjoy food. I celebrate eating well. I celebrate eating foods that taste good. I enjoy sweet treats and desserts. I enjoy celebratory feasts. And I enjoy lightening things up.

Eating in misery is not sustainable for life. Restricting whole food groups is not sustainable for life. Eating tiny portions is not sustainable for life. And doing these things; eating in such a way that I know I can’t sustain, does not teach me how to eat for life. It sets me up to fail.

So I have chosen for life. There are faster ways to lose weight, sure. But there are no faster routes to total, life-long healthy living. There are no short-cuts, just daily choices. So I chose not to diet! How about you?

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