It’s The “30 Pounds Down” Celebration!

Friday Face-off

Some journeys are quick and easy, some are slower and they take effort. That is the story of my last 10 pounds! The first 20 came off pretty quickly, but this last 10 has been stubborn. Actually, the last ONE was stubborn! I got to within a pound of my 30 pound goal over a MONTH ago! I have just been fluctuating around that weight since then. But the scale finally moved again! But you know what? Even though the scale has been stubborn this past month other things have been going in the right direction. This past month has led to more energy, less low-back and knee pain, and just a general feeling of well-being. And slow and steady weight-loss tends to stay off. So I am going to take today to celebrate this 10-pound milestone!

The last 10 pounds don’t show super dramatic changes, but they are there. A note to all of you. Take pictures, they tell the tale better than the scale. And do your best to take “easy to replicate” beginning pictures. I didn’t take mine, I found them, so I have been trying to duplicate the same “stance” in each. It isn’t easy!! Make it easy on yourself! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! You have done a fantastic job. Your keeping the course helps us stay I course, so, thank you.

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