Makeover Monday ~ Super Simple Pad Thai

It is  Monday, so it is time for another recipe makeover. I love to take favorite recipes and make them THM friendly. One of the biggest hurdles people have to overcome is thinking that healthy eating means never having their favorite foods again. The truth is that you can make a healthy version of almost any meal. And most meals don’t require that much work to re-make!

Have you tried Pad Thai? I had not. I had always wanted to but had not been in a place to try it. Then I found this recipe at Delish. It had some definitely off-plan ingredients, but it looked so simple that I knew  I had to try it. Boy am I glad I did! With a few easy changes it was done! It is so simple and SO GOOD! I made this recipe for my daughter and I for lunch. We split it between the two of us and were wonderfully satisfied. If you have small appetites or you are going to add something else to the meal you may be able to serve up to 4 with this recipe, but I would suggest increasing the ingredients to serve more. Also, this is a very basic recipe. You can always add more veggies if you’d like!

You Will Need

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