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Normally on “My Favorite Things” I share a food item that I love and wouldn’t want to live without. But I figure that some of you might have some Amazon gift cards burning a hole in your wallet from Christmas! If that is the case I wanted to share some of the items that I love that make my THM journey so much easier!

Electric Pressure Cooker

Now-a-days you have lots of pressure cooker options. I have the Power Cooker XL (an older model than the one pictured below) and while it works perfectly, getting spare parts is pretty much impossible without going through the company website. Meaning that, while the cooker itself is less expensive than the InstaPot brand, getting replacement or spare parts might make it more expensive in the long run. It is also harder to get specific instructions from forums because most of them focus on the InstaPot. If I were to get a second pot I would go with an 8 quart version. I currently have a 6 quart and while it is fine for most of my cooking, I prefer making larger batches of soups and chilis than my 6 quart will hold.

Electric Water Kettle

For all the times when you need a cup of water “just off the boil” this is a life-saver! It’s also a great tool for heating water for different trimmy drinks! Pair it with the milk frother I have listed here and you have a great combo for all your hot drink needs! I have the plastic version below. It works perfectly but I am trying to move away from heating in plastic, so I will probably get a glass one in the future.

Milk Frother

I love this little tool! From mixing collagen into coffee or tea, mixing up a trimmy hot chocolate, or actually frothing milk (I know a novel idea) I love this tool! I use it almost everyday. I have the top vertion, but I love the bottom version with the stand as well. If I had known how often I would use it I would have gone with that one.

Popcorn Popper

I love this stirring popcorn popper! You can use as much or as little oil as you’d like, so you can enjoy E popcorn or Crossover popcorn. I have the first model, but if you have a huge family to feed they have a really big model too!

A Good Blender

A good blender is so important! 5 years ago I started my THM journey with the Ninja set below. Recently my blender jar got dropped and broken but I still use the single cups and food processor part regularly!
A Blendtec is a great choice for a high powered blender for all of your needs!
And of course, if you have the money to spend, you can’t beat a vitamix!

Food Processor

I use my food processor all the time. Really almost everyday. I have the one that came with my ninja blender which I still use, especially for things that are dough like because it has plastic blades that are great for dough. But I also love my Hamilton Beach food processor and wouldn’t be without it!

Coffee Maker

Okay, there is NEVER a day that goes by without a pot of coffee being made in my house. I might be addicted! I happen to have 2 very different price points of coffee makers to recommend to you. I started with a very nice Bunn coffee maker. I loved the fact that it made coffee fast (less than 5 minutes for a pot!) and that it had a thermal carafe that kept coffee hot for hours with no heating element. It made me happy. I took it with me on trips. And then one day it died…I had had it for years. It was like losing an old friend.

I needed to replace it and fast! I also was pretty strapped for cash when it died so another Bunn was not in the forecast. So I picked up this Black and Decker Select a Size Coffee Maker and I love it! You can chose to brew anywhere from 4-12 cups at a time. It has a timer which I love because now my coffee is ready when I wake up! You can also choose your brew strength. I was super impressed with this inexpensive coffee maker.

As always, I appreciate it when you choose to shop through my affiliate links. It costs you no extra but provides me with a small compensation that helps me keep adding valuable content to this blog.

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