A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Nutritional Yeast


I am going to share with you some of my favorite products for making a healthy eating lifestyle so much easier! Each week I will pick another item to highlight. I will tell you where I get it and how I use it.

This week’s product is Nutritional Yeast. Don’t be confused by the name. This is not the kind of yeast that makes bread rise, it is an incredible seasoning that adds not only flavor but also protein and B vitamins to your food! I’m going to share with you the description from THM’s website because they describe it better than I could!

Nutritional Yeast flakes are addictively cheesy and have a nutty yumminess that you’ll find yourself wanting to sprinkle over and into most of your food! From snazzing up eggs in the a.m. to seasoning everything from soups to stir-frys and popcorn in the p.m., Nutritional Yeast takes flat and flavorless food and makes it fly!

But flavor is not the only reason you will love this stuff. This is the good for you yeast! Don’t let the word “yeast” confuse you. Nutritional yeast is not remotely like the yeast you think of that wreaks havoc on your body. In fact it has proven to be one of the best remedies to beat chronic candida so you can feel good every time you sprinkle it on your food. This delicious stuff is even anti-bacterial and anti-viral.
Most Nutritional Yeast is bright yellow, but Trim Healthy Mama Nutritional Yeast has a lovely, soft, buttery natural color. The reason for this is that it has not been fortified with those synthetic B vitamins (which turn everything yellow) as most Nutritional Yeast is. It contains a natural profile of B complex vitamins that will nourish your body gently without being harsh to your kidneys or liver as synthetic vitamins can be. This is a boon for pregnant woman who are looking for natural sources of folate to nourish their growing babies. You can be assured that it is certified GMO free and is third party lead tested for your peace of mind. We bring you the best because the best is hard to find.

Liberal sprinkling of Nutritional Yeast provides you with ample amounts of chromium and protein, both of which help stabilize your blood sugar. It also provides immune enhancing compounds beta-1, 3 glucan, trehalose, mannan and glutathione shown to help prevent cancer and improve cholesterol levels. We could rave on more but you just want to rip open your bag and get goin’ with your sprinkling, so we’ll just shut our gabs so you can open yours.

THM Store Site

Trust me, once you start using this product you will find you use it for everything. There are very few savory recipes that I don’t add it to. You can use it to make your own THM Bouillon for soups, it is great on popcorn, and I never make eggs without it!

So where do you get nutritional yeast? Well, you can get it through THM and it is one of the best prices around at just $.83 per ounce! However I have tried some other good brands as well. At this writing these all have excellent prices as well, but these prices are prone to fluctuating, so be sure to check before ordering. I have tried the Hoosier Hill Farm brand and the Now brand and both are great. I have not tried the Frontier Brand and it is an Add-on item, but it is a great price.

I hope that you will give this great item a try. It is a fantastic addition to your pantry!

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