A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Oat Fiber


I am going to start sharing with you some of my favorite products for making a healthy eating lifestyle so much easier! Each week I will pick another item to highlight. I will tell you where I get it and how I use it.

This week’s star is often overlooked. It isn’t as flashy as other ingredients, but boy do I love it. Oat Fiber! Now don’t confuse this with oat flour which is just ground up oats. Oat Fiber does not have any countable carbs. It is straight fiber making it great for any recipe, even low-carb recipes! 

One of the benefits of oat fiber is how inexpensive it is! I am going to give you a couple of options here for where to get it. You can google oat fiber and find multiple brands but I am a bargain shopper! For the most part, THM wins the bargain price on Oat Fiber unless you are a bulk shopper, then you may be able to find a “slightly” lower price on Amazon. Click on the links on the  following pictures to shop these products.

So how do I use Oat Fiber? Oat fiber is a great flour for baking. It is fine and light so it gives a great texture. I actully like to cut my THM Baking Blend with oat fiber. Now, the baking blend actually includes oat fiber. But I have found that often times I can cut my baking blend use in half by adding oat fiber. That is why you will often see a 50/50 use of baking blend and oat fiber on my recipes. Please note, oat fiber is a “thirsty” flour because of all the fiber. You don’t want to convert a recipe that calls for a cup of flour by using a cup of oat fiber. Start with half the amount. You can always add more if it is needed. But you don’t want to dry out a recipe by using too much. A fantastic recipe that uses only oat fiber as the flour is the Guilt Gone Cranberry Pie from the THM website.

Oat fiber can also be used in place of small amounts of flour used as thickeners in recipes. So if you are making a soup or sauce that calls for a couple tablespoons of flour, try using oat fiber in place of the flour.

I truly hope that you will consider giving the humble oat fiber a place in your pantry. It is a great, inexpensive addition to your helathy way of cooking and eating! 

As always, I appreciate it when you choose to shop through my affiliate links. It costs you no extra but provides me with a small compensation that helps me keep adding valuable content to this blog.

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