Words of Encouragement Wednesday


Today I just want you to think about this. Food amazing. We get lots of enjoyment from it. But food serves a purpose as well. It is our fuel. It keeps us going and it either keeps us healthy or damages our health.

Think about that! You can sustain life with just about anything. It just takes a certain amount of calories to keep you “living”. But the things you choose to fuel yourself with can do more than just keep you alive. They can cause you to thrive! They can fight disease. They can heal systems that have been damaged! Our bodies are designed by God to heal and we have nutritious food at our fingertips to make that process go even better.

But often we choose foods that don’t do anything for us but keep the motor running. And in the process of putting those calories in, we also do damage to our bodies. We cause our system to not work efficiently. We feed disease. Suddenly that “fuel” that is keeping us alive is draining us of the ability to live well!

As you choose your food think about this. Choose items that will give you both pleasure AND health. It can be done! I’d love to show you how.

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