Friday Fuel ~ The Heart of the Plan


I had intended to go into S meals this week, but the podcast was so fantastic this week I wanted to focus on it’s message this time instead. Please, if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, take the time to do so! If you are new to the plan you need to know this stuff, and if you’ve been around a while you need to hear it again! I will share with you Pearl’s own words about this podcast:

Serene and I know you love it when we bring real meat to the Poddy for you to chew on. Today we answer a listener question and dig deep into the numbers of THM… do you really need them? The answer depends upon who you are! This poddy will be a huge help to you if you’re busy counting carb grams and fat grams or if you’re not… it will help you too!

I think there was only 1 major rabbit trail in this Podcast… can we get a round of applause for that? I mean… we really reigned ourselves in to stay on topic!!!!

So, without further ado…click on the picture to listen to the podcast!


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