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My Thanksgiving Picks

Do you know that Thanksgiving is 3 weeks from today! I feel ready and I hope you do too. I have spent the last several weeks gathering and posting recipes here to get ready for the holiday season. Here is what I have gathered.

The first thing on my menu is the turkey of course. I started using a “spatchcock” method for cooking my turkey lately and I highly recommend it! It cooks so much more quickly and evenly. Check out how to Spatchcock a Turkey and get a bonus gravy recipe HERE.20181022_185256.jpg

Here are my picks for the best things to have alongside the bird:

Sweet Potato Casserole (Crossover or E)sweet-potato-casserole-ck

Bean Casserole (XO)20181003_120219.jpg

Green Bean Casserole (E)20180929_142924.jpg

The Best Green Beans (S)20180929_145432.jpg

Loaded Veggie Casserole (S)20180928_172248.jpg

Roasted Veggies (S, E or XO)ro veg

Stuffing (S)stuffing

Cranberry Sauce (FP)20181001_181830.jpg

Mashed Cauliflower (S or FP)20181004_123121.jpg


And for dessert I suggest the following:

Pumpkin Roll (S)20180929_123011.jpg

Coconut Cream Pie (S)slice-of-pie

Pecan Pie (S)20181008_162705.jpg

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake (S)20181016_080056.jpg

Pumpkin Pie (S)20181020_194023.jpg

Tagalong Pie (S)20181008_191531.jpg

Need some beverage suggestions? Here are my favorites:

Cranberry Wassail (FP)cranberries_562459

Pumpkin Spice Latte or Creamer (S or FP)20180927_114736.jpg

How is your holiday planning going?

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