Friday Fuel ~ E-Meals


In Friday Fuel, each week I will focus in on one of the Trim Healthy Mama fuel types, discussing its importance, when you should choose to eat it, different recipes in that fuel type, etc.

Last Friday we began our discussion of why E meals are so important. Your brain needs them! I don’t know about you but that’s almost enough reason for me! But if you still need a little convincing we are going to talk some more. 🙂

E meals are labeled E for energizing. Carbs are what give us energy. That’s why we feel a little buzz after eating something sugary. It’s called a “sugar high” for a reason! Unfortunately, getting energy from candy or sugary drinks (or even bread, pasta or other foods made from refined flour) leaves us with the notorious “sugar crash”. The energy is short lived because our body blows through it very quickly. We don’t want that. The whole goal of Trim Healthy Mama is to stabilize your blood sugar and we do that with gentler, slower burning carbs like sprouted or soured whole grains, oats, sweet potatoes, beans, legumes and fruit, always pairing them with a lean protein source to further slow down the blood sugar affect.

So how do you get e-meals into your day? Last week I gave you some snack ideas, this week I will give you some meal ideas. Personally I like to have E meals at breakfast and/or lunch, but there are some great dinner options too! Here are some ideas for each:

With any E meal, don’t forget to add your non-starchies to fill up! I love to have lots of my favorite raw veggies with E meals. My favorites are sugar snap peas and bell peppers.

Next week we will discuss E meals one more times and get some E dessert ideas!

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