Ready for Anything


The Trim Healthy Mama way of life doesn’t require anything other than a commitment to eating  in the way that is best for your body. That means you don’t need any specialty foods, ingredients or menu plans to make it work for you.

That being said, even when you are rocking your Trim Healthy Journey, if you aren’t prepared you can get blown off track. Taking the time to make sure your fridge and cuboards are stocked with good ingredients is the first step. After that, taking the time to pre-prep some things in bulk is the best way to assure that you aren’t going to get overwhelmed and opt for a burger and fries instead.

That is what my client and I did over the last week. We took the time to plan some of the things she wanted to make, made a good shopping list, bought all of her items and made up a bunch of things for her to have on hand.

Now that sounds like a lot of work, but we didn’t do it all in one day. She took a couple days going over recipes and I made some suggestions. Then she took another day to write up her list and I went over it to make sure nothing was missing and give some more suggestions on how to make the list the most economical. Shopping was done on another day, and on Saturday, we got together and cooked. Here are pictures of some of what we accomplished:

We made Oatmeal on the Go Cups, Trim Healthy Pancakes, Wonder Wraps, Salted Caramel Gluccie Pudding and (not pictured) Creamy Balsamic Dressing (this is a membership site recipe. You can buy a site membership HERE if you’d like). She is also set up to make the Easiest Breakfast Casserole and Marvelous Make Ahead Meatballs.

If you are looking for someone to help you make your Trim Healthy journey work for you I would love to be your coach! You can check out the services I offer on my services page. I would be happy to customize a package just for you!

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