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I have been coaching my client Sarah for a little over a month now and I asked her to write up her thoughts and she was gracious enough to do so. I chose the graphic above because it fits Sarah’s journey to a “T”. THM was completely new to her. She didn’t have any special ingredients or equipment, just a desire to start. So she asked me for help. We made a plan and she jumped in with both feet. I love her testimony so far.

Why I Love THM, A Month Review

(They really mean food freedom!)

1. The food freedom is real! In my experience (and what I’ve seen from other people’s experiences) You will get told to “eat MORE” far more often than you will get told to “eat less” (if that even happens!) THM is all about keeping that metabolism up and the weight down!
2. You get to eat truly delicious things like brownies, ice-cream, a various flavors of shakes, and chocolate milk on a REGULAR BASIS. And it HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT.
3. While it may take you a while to fully comprehend what makes a S, E, XO, FP snack or meal, they are actually quite simple. And once you get it down, having four basic choices to chose from all the time is really refreshing and makes each day unique.
4. As someone who doesn’t understand how people can “fill up” and satisfy their hunger for hours on end, being told to eat every 2 &1/2-4 hours is so nice. Eating in small amounts often is way better for your body, and (if you’re like me) more enjoyable too!
5. THM just WORKS. I feel healthier, look healthier, and I’m losing weight. (Now THM doesn’t claim to be fast like those other trending diets. You’re not going to lose 10 pounds in a day, it is not even healthy to do so). While I may eat heavier certain days, or my body just might retain water at certain times, causing the scale to go up, I am actively getting closer to my goal and I lost 10 pounds in just under a month of being on THM.
6. It may be hard to start. Saying no to fatty carbs and sugars is tough. But so is being unhealthy and dealing with everything that comes along with that. Having a THM Coach or supportive friends and family helps so much. Having someone to keep you accountable will make you reach your goals. Like everyone else I have bad days, and a pint of sugary ice-cream seems like it would just make the day so much better, but with a THM Coach holding you accountable and staying on plan for a month, you realize that you’re not missing that much actually. On plan desserts are so good and good for your weight that you don’t feel bad when your friends and family around you are eating food that is yummy right now, but in the long term is going to be bad for their bodies and overall health. You can eat that bowl of on plan brownies and ice-cream with no guilt whatsoever. 😊

-Not directly THM related-
Having a coach is so important! You really need someone who knows the plan to help you along your journey. Someone that you can talk to when you feel the need to cheat/splurge. Or if you’re needing help remembering what makes up an E meal, or if this bag of popcorn you found is on plan or not. Having support is so helpful and necessary!

Sarah H.

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