Recipe Share – Pickled Beets

I love pickled beets!! Like seriously love them! I get super happy when I see beets on a salad bar and then super disappointed if they turn out to just be regular beets. I mean, there is nothing more disappointing than expecting that sweet tang of the pickled beet only to be met with the taste of nothingness, or worse yet, dirt!

pickled beets

Now I am not one of those who say that beets taste like dirt. It is simply not true. But poorly prepared beets CAN taste like dirt. I think there should be a special type of punishment for those who’ve ruined perfectly delightful vegetables for mass amounts of the population by preparing them poorly. I mean who hasn’t decided that they hate asparagus because the only way they have had it is that horribly limp imposter out of a can? It’s an atrocity! Many have only eaten okra prepared in a super slimy way. No wonder they fear its very name! If you have only ever seen a brussel sprout steamed to death you would surely never want to put one on your plate! And if you have only ever had a poorly prepared plain beet then you probably aren’t even reading this article. I want to declare from the rooftops that ALL of the aforementioned vegetables can be prepared deliciously! Give them a try in a new way. You may be pleasantly surprised!


But back to beets. This under appreciated vegetable is so healthy for you. Any vegetable that has so much color is chock full of vitamins that your body needs. Look at how beautifyl they are! They are wonderful roasted (think oven fries made out of beets). But they are fantastic pickled! The problem with most pickled beets is that they have sugar in them. It is very hard to find a pickled beet jar on the store shelves that doesn’t have sugar added. Recently my friend Tanya shared her recipe for pickled beets using the instapot. Gamechanger!! They were so easy and so delicious I pestered her till she posted her recipe on her site and then begged her to let me share it! You can find the recipe on her site Renewed Health for Life. I only made one change to the recipe. Tanya does not peel her beets, I did. Warning: Beets will stain your fingers. Just be prepared to be slighlty tinted purple. And maybe wear an apron if you don’t want beet juice on your clothes. I think I had slightly more beets in my pot than the recipe called for. After the time was up I tasted and decided they needed a bit more time and vinager. I added a bit more vinegar and 5 more minutes and they were perfect. Please start with her original recipe and taste before making any changes though.

canned beets

After the beets were done I put them into mason jars (this is a stock photo above but it is pretty much what mine looked like.) I got two full quarts! After I had divided the beets into jars I evenly divided the liquid between the two. This only about half filled the jars so I topped the jars with plain water. Then I put the lids on and put them in the fridge. I am now enjoying pickled beets with almost every meal! They are so good!