THM Skittles!!


My friend Martha taught us how to make an on-plan Skittles substitute while we were at our retreat. It was so much fun and so easy that I knew I would want to do it when I got home. This recipe came from Marissa’s Vlog but I have tweaked the recipe just a bit to share it with you here.

This is a variation of the Superfood Chocolate Chews from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. (pgs. 382-383) For copyright reasons I cannot share the recipe here, but be sure to look it up if you haven’t ever made it. It is a truly fantastic substitute for a tootsie roll! Again, I can’t share the recipe, but you are going to need THM Pristine Protein Powder, THM Integral Collagen,  mineral salt, THM Super Sweet Blend or THM Gentle Sweet, THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder, coconut oilwater, vitamin C powder and LorAnn Oils.

Are you ready to make them? Here we go!

First, follow the recipe for the Superfood chews but omit the cocoa powder and flavoring extracts listed in the recipe. Keep everything else the same and add 1-2 tsp of vitamin C powder. You do not have to have this ingredient to make this recipe, but it makes a big difference! Skittles are a mix of tangy and sweet. Without the vitamin C powder you are going to miss the tangy side of the equation a little bit. Start with 1 tsp and taste. I went up to 2 tsp, and they are quite tangy.

You can process this recipe in the food processor or the mixer with a whisk attachment. Either works. I used the food processor. You will know that your mixture is right when it looks like this:


See how my mixture is little tiny pieces? That is exactly what you want. If you squeeze this mixture it will hold together. The bowl above is 1/4 of the whole recipe. I divided my mixture into 4 bowls so I could do 4 different flavors. Now you want ot add your candy flavoring oil. I added between 4-6 drops of flavoring to each bowl. Then I stirred it around a bit to distribute the flavoring better, but I didn’t start mashing it together at this stage.

My next step was to put this mixture into a plastic baggie:


Once I had each mixture in it’s own baggie I kneaded the mixture well in the bag to fully distribute the flavoring and then squeezed the whole mixture into a log in the bag.


Like I said, I made 4 flavors, cherry, orange, grape and lemon. Now I had to turn those logs into skittles.



I just took the log, cut it into small slices and rolled those slices into skittle sized balls. I found that dampening my palm just a bit made the rolling process easier.


You can see that my skittles are slightly “wet” looking and the cherry flavor was particularly tart so I decided to “dust” them with just a tiny bit of sweetblend. I added about 1/8- 1/4 of a tsp to the bag and shook it around.


When it was all said and done I had 4 flavors of skittles! I am storing them in baggies in the fridge. Because they don’t have a hard candy shell they will stick together a bit, but you can just shake the bag to get them apart again. These are a great snack for when you really want a “sweet/tart” flavor candy!


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