Superfood Spotlight ~ Okra (Let’s try this with content this time! Oops!)


So, I am giving this post a second run because, well, I had a whole big article typed up and SOMEHOW as I am scrolling through my blog I find that my post was only a PICTURE! There were gremlins involved I guess! Anyway, lets go back and give okra it’s due:

Okra. If the mere mention of this vegetable sends you running from the room screaming, “No! It’s slimy!”, well, hold on just one minute. Give me your ear for just a bit. Let me assure you that I am going to give you some “non-slimy” okra ideas that you may just find out you like! First, let’s talk about why you would even want to eat okra. I mean, why teach yourself to like something new with no good reason? Well, how about 10 great reasons! Here we go (this post was originally on the THM Fanpage):


Those are a LOT of GREAT reasons to eat okra. Who new this little veggie was so powerful! So, now, how are you going to eat it? Well the possibilities are larger than you may think!

First the obvious, fried! Now, breaded fried okra is not your most waistline friendly option. If you want your fried okra breaded then you are going to need a carb free breading option like this one or this one. However, you can fry okra without any breading at all. Just put some coconut oil or butter in your frying pan and drop in your fresh or frozen cut okra and fry till crispy. Now I know I promised non-slimy recipes and when you start this process you are going to think I lied to you, but I promise, just keep frying and stirring them around till the start to dry and crisp. They are delicious! I love it with eggs for breakfast!

How else can you eat okra? How about roasted or pickled! I love these options!

Still to scared to chow down on okra. Well how about some hidden options. Take a cup of frozen okra and a cup or so of very hot water. Put that in your blender and blend away until no pieces of okra remain. Add this to your favorite chili, soup or sauce. All the okra goodness and no-one will ever know. This is how I super charge my chili recipe (coming soon!)

Too hot for soup or chili? How about throwing some okra in your protein shake? Yep, 1/2-1 cup of frozen okra will hide perfectly in your chocolate protein shake giving you all of okra’s benefits without having to chew a single pod.

And if those are not enough options then you could always throw your okra in your brownies. 🙂 You heard me right. Trim Healthy Mama has a recipe for Cry No More Brownies that includes okra!! It is in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. You can find the cookbook on Amazon HERE as well.

Do I have you convinced yet? I hope you will give this glorious vegetable a try soon!

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