Friday Face-off ~ 10 lbs down!


10 pounds. Depending on where you are, that either sounds like just a little or a whole lot. But no matter where you are it makes a difference and it should be celebrated! First, every step in the right direction is a victory. And no matter how much you have to lose, 10 pounds does make a difference.

Need proof? Well, the picture on the left was taken 3 weeks ago while I was with my church on a mission trip. The picture on the right was taken today. I tried my hardest to make them the same. No makeup, hair pulled back, same angle. Just 10 pounds and I have a long way to go, but that 10 pounds makes a difference.


This is why it’s important to take pictures along the way. Have a certain shot for a reference point so you can see how your body changes! Then, when you are tempted to despair because weight-loss is going slower than you’d like, you can see what your healthy lifestyle is doing for you.

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