Super-food Spotlight ~ The Incredible Oolong Tea


I am not a huge hot tea drinker, though I will have it on occasion, but… I love iced tea. I love sweet iced tea. I was raised on it. There is not much better on a hot summer day than a tall glass of sweet iced tea! However, a glass full of tea flavored sugar water is not so good for the waistline.

To fill my desire for sweet tea I have lots of options. I can take my regular iced tea and sweeten it with straight stevia. This is my favorite and the most economical because it only takes about a half a teaspoon for me to sweeten a whole gallon of tea. However, you MUST have a good stevia! I really highly recomment the stevia linked above. If you have been burned by the bitter taste of a low quality stevia, don’t count it out till you’ve tried this one!

A couple other sweetening options are Super Sweet Blend (similar to truvia but sweeter) or Gentle Sweet. Gentle Sweet is the least economical option because it is not as sweet per ounce as the others, but some people just really like the taste.

So, iced sweet tea is a delicious refreshing drink, but how can we take it up a notch? Well, enter Oolong Tea!

Screenshot 2018-08-06 14.02.14

This delicious tea makes a wonderful sweet iced tea, but with metabolism boosting benefits to boost. You can brew it just like regular tea and enjoy it hot or iced. Or if you really want to up the benefits you can turn this tea into a drink called The Shrinker. The link will take you to a recipe for this refreshing, weight loss promoting drink.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 13.58.54

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