Pro-Tip – GGMS Concentrate


If you have a serious diet soda addiction (like me) you probably know that it isn’t doing your health any favors. But it tastes so good! I mean, I can avoid a lot of things if I can just have a great big diet Dr. Pepper or diet Mountain Dew…I digress. I’m trying, really I am. and I’ve told you before that THM has a drink that helps with soda addiction – Good Girl Moonshine. I’ve shared with you my favorite recipe, but what I want to share with you today is how I make it easier for me to drink this each day.

Here’s the deal. I don’t like to have to put a lot of work into a drink. I just like to grab and go (thus why diet soda is so appealing to me). So I am always looking for a quicker way to do things. Enter GGMS Concentrate!

GGMS concentrate

There it is! So simple! I don’t even have to dirty a new container to keep it in!

A couple notes about this…I like my GGMS with 2 TBS of ACV per quart. If you are new to GGMS you might want to start with 1 TBS at a time. I am not a huge ginger fan so I use 1/4 tsp per serving. And to give things an even bigger super food boost I add baobab!

GGMS Concentrate (This makes 8 servings)

16 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar*
2 tsp ginger powder
4 TBS Baobab Boost Powder (this is not part of the original recipe, but I like getting it in!)
3/4 tsp stevia
4 tsp pure cherry extract
4 tsp pure lime extract

Put all ingredients in a jar (I use an old ACV jar) and shake till mixed. Store in the fridge. Use 2 1/2 TBS of concentrate per quart of water. I like to use my soda stream to make sparkling water, then I don’t feel like I’m missing my soda! 🙂

*If you want your GGMS with less ACV use 8 TBS instead of 16 and use 1 1/2 TBS of the concentrate when making your quart of GGMS.


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