Make Your Own Raw Apple Cider Vinegar PLUS My Favorite Good Girl Moonshine Recipe

I never thought I would be one of those people. What people you ask? One of those people who drink apple cider vinegar (acv)! I know, it sounds gross, but it really isn’t! I promise! In fact this refreshing drink has seriously limited my diet soda intake. In fact, I don’t even buy diet soda for my home anymore. I used to drink a 2 liter a day!

Enter Trim Healthy Mama and a wonderful drink they call Good Girl Moonshine. You can find their original recipe in that link and I will share my favorite tweak of that recipe here.  There are tons of benefits to using acv daily, but I won’t re-invent the wheel in this post. You can come up with thousands of web articles with a google search.  HERE is one for you to browse.My Favorite Good Girl Moonshine

Put acv, ginger, extracts and stevia in the bottom of a quart jar or glass. Fill jar/glass with seltzer water.  Enjoy this fizzy, health boosting drink!


Now that you’ve had this delicious drink you are going to want it all the time! Now you are mad at me because you need to use RAW ACV with the mother to get all the wonderful health benefits of the drink and well, lets face it, that stuff ain’t cheap!  Especially if you want the really good stuff. (AKA – Bragg’s ACV ~ below is the price for a quart from a local health food store!)

Well, put your mind at ease! I am going to show you how easy it is to have a perpetual supply of really good raw acv on hand by only paying the price of plain old grocery store acv!
Make Your Own Raw ACV
First you need a little bit of real, raw acv like Bragg’s.  Make sure it says “raw” and “with the mother” on the label.  You can use as little as 1/4 cup of this or as much as the whole bottle. (Personally I used about 1/4 cup so I had the rest of this bottle of liquid gold to drink while I was growing my own ACV. DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR BOTTLE!)

Second you need a half-gallon or gallon mason jar to grow your ACV in and a large coffee filter or cheesecloth and a rubber-band.

Third you will need a big gallon jug of the plain ACV from the grocery store. It can be the cheapest brand or the most expensive. (If you want your finished product to be organic you will have to start with organic acv)

Here’s how you do it:

    • Pour your desired amount raw acv with the mother into your mason jar.
    • Pour the grocery store acv into the mason jar with the raw acv to fill the jar (leave a couple inches at the top).
    • Cover the mason jar with the coffee filter or cheesecloth and rubber-band and put it in a cool dark place.
    • In about a week you will see a disk starting to form on top of the vinegar. At first it will just look like a film. By the end of two weeks the disk will be more solid. (It is a slimy looking thing, don’t be afraid. This is what makes this vinegar so good for you and you aren’t going to consume this disk. ) My jar below has about 3 disks in it.  A couple have settled and there is one floating on top.
    • Remember how I told you not to throw away your good acv bottle? Well that’s so you will have a place to put your homemade acv that you want to use! Now you can take some of that homemade acv and pour it into your recycled jar. (I used a ladle and a funnel for this job.)  Leave the disk in your mason jar and pour more plain acv into the jar to start the process over again and make sure you always have good acv on hand.
    • Each time you add more acv to your mason jar it will grow a new disk (the old disks will sink to the bottom).  After a while you will have more than you need.  You can either discard these, use them in your compost, or bless a friend with an acv starter.  Just put part of a disk into a small mason jar with around 1/2 a cup of vinegar. Give this to a friend so that they can start their own vinegar making process!

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