Ham and Beans! THM E


I really like ham and beans. I am, however, the only one in my family who does so it is not a meal I make, ever. Then of course there is the fact that I eat the Trim Healthy Mama way by keeping my fats and carbohydrates separate. Ham and beans combines fat and carbs, normally…but I have found a delicious and EASY way to make this super satisfying meal without all the fat so it is a delicious E meal. And better yet, if you don’t already have all the ingredients in your home you can easily grab them at any grocery store for cheap! 🙂
So, let’s get to it:


See that picture above? That is all you need! (Well, okay, you may want some seasonings, but those are personal preference items that you will definitely have in your house.)
So gather a can of Great Northern Beans and 4 oz of lean deli ham and whatever seasonings you like.  I like salt, pepper and nutritional yeast. I don’t measure, just sprinkle in to taste. Put all your ingredients in a pot. (Please ignore my dirty stove top!)


Now let it simmer for a while. (You can use a higher heat for 5 – 10 minutes or a lower heat for longer.) It doesn’t need to cook, just heat through. Pour it into a bowl.


Now try to wait long enough to eat it that you don’t burn off the top layer of your tongue! I may have eaten it when it was a little too hot the first time. 🙂
This is an E meal and you can eat the whole thing.  Amazingly enough, Great Nothern Beans are one of the lowest in carbohydrates and a whole can has 35g of carbs or less. 🙂 And I promise that this is one E meal that WILL fill you up. Enjoy!


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