What Is Driving You?



“Your emotions are the caboose, your will and commitment are the engine. You don’t feel your way to doing what’s right.” ~~ Dr. John E. Greever

Dr. Greever is my pastor and this quote was from one of his sermons. It has really stuck with me because it is so applicable to every area of life.

So often we let our feelings be our engine. We go wherever we feel like going. We do whatever we feel like doing. If we don’t “feel” it, we don’t do it. The problem with that is that we don’t always “feel” like doing the right thing. We don’t always “feel” like doing the best thing. We don’t always “feel” like doing the healthy thing.

And that is what gets us in trouble. Following our feelings may leave us feeling good in the moment, but in the long run it leads us away from the destination we were trying to reach. Eating a meal full of refined carbs and sugar might be what I feel like doing, but that takes me further away from the healthy destination I want to reach.

We need to take our emotions and put them in the proper place: the caboose. We need to take our commitments and put them in the engine. Our commitments and goals need to drive what we do. Our commitments and goals determine our course of action for each and every day. And you know what happens when you do that? The caboose follows along!

Our feelings are as changeable as the wind. You may not wake up feeling like making a healthy choice, but make them anyway! By the end of a day filled with healthy choices you will feel differently. And after several days in a row of healthy choices you will find that you wake up with your feelings actually matching your will! Maybe on day one your train had 50 cars between the engine (will) and caboose (feelings), but a week later you find you have a much shorter train.

Make your commitments then make yourself do them. No one else can do that for you. You have to want the change even when you don’t feel it.

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