Pro-Tip (Preparation)


One of the biggest hurdles when switching to a healthy way of eating is taking the time to make your meals. Now the truth is, it is really just a mindset change. Preparing a healthy meal doesn’t really have to take more time that sitting in a drive thru, but it does take more thought and there are ways to make it go even faster.

This is one of the things that is a game changer for me. It really adds no more than a minute or two more to what I am already doing and it saves a ton of time for the rest of the week.


This is probably a week’s worth of veggie prep. I did not take extra time out of my day to prep veggies. I needed to make a salad to take to a friends house. So instead of just chopping enough for one salad, I chopped everything (with the exception of a few snap peas for snacking 🙂 ).

Now for the rest of the week I have veggies ready for omelettes, stir-frys, salads and anything else I want. I don’t have to fret getting out the cutting board and knife each time because the “work” is done. Taking the time to get things like this prepped ahead, just by doing a little more than what you need for what you are already preparing, can make all the difference in choosing health over simplicity.

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