My Story


I have had a life-long love/hate relationship with food. I love food. I love all types of food. I have met very few foods that I will not eat. I am not picky in the least.

So where does the hate side come in? Well, let’s just say that I was not blessed with the metabolism to keep up with my love for food. For as long as I can remember I have struggled to keep my weight under control. I have at one point or another tried every diet there is.

At one point I got so frustrated that I decided to do the HCG diet. If you know nothing about that plan (first count yourself blessed) it is a SUPER RESTRICTIVE 500 calorie a day plan. I did that plan for 3 years! It did help me to lose weight, but that diet is cyclical, you can’t stay on it all the time because you can’t survive on that little food. Every time I would go into “maintenance” mode the weight would creep back on. I was eating good, healthy, whole foods, but I couldn’t keep the weight off.

Toward the end of my 3-year HCG trial a friend told me about this new book she was reading, “Trim Healthy Mama”*. I picked it up skeptically and began to read, I had tried so many different plans I truly did not believe any would help. But as I read I knew this was the answer! Everything I read made complete sense. I wasn’t eating the wrong foods, I just needed to eat them differently! In 2013 I threw away my last bottle of HCG and jumped into THM with both feet.

For the first time in my life I was able to maintain my weight. I did not lose weight when I began (my body was just thanking me for feeding it again) but I maintained the weight that I had lost all the while nourishing my body with delicious food. And while I wasn’t seeing the scale drop, my body continued to change, and I was able to buy smaller size clothes.

I have been an administrator on the THM Facebook page and THM website since 2014. I love helping people along their journey toward health. I’d love to sit here and tell you I’ve done this journey perfectly from the very beginning, but that is not true. 2016 came with unexpected struggles for my family and, though it did not happen all at once or even intentionally, I stopped focusing on health to focus on other things. I didn’t throw all caution to the wind at first, I just stopped paying attention. The struggles I expected to be temporary persisted and before I knew what had happened a year had passed, and I looked in the mirror and realized I was paying the price physically for not paying attention to my health.

THM is a forgiving plan for life, not a quick-fix diet plan, so I jumped right back on plan. That is why I love THM. It is full of grace and food freedom. It is a life-style, not a diet. I am not perfect, I have not reached “goal weight” by any stretch, but I love and believe in this plan and I would love to walk right along-side you on your journey to finding health and food freedom through THM together.

 (*The link to the book above is the book I originally read. It is the original HUGE book. Since then the book has been re-written and broken into two books, the Plan Book and the Cookbook. Many people prefer the newer streamlined books. The original still has a special place in my heart.)

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